Collected Writings

It’s coming along. For reasons that would bore you, an enormous selection of material has never seen the light of day, and in order to perform the necessary editing, rewriting, proofing, art collaboration, and so forth, simply releasing fifty titles in a weekend is not ideal—however fun it sounds.

Here is the currently-scheduled line-up for 2017-2018, with assorted short stories and poems, which don’t get, say, cover art, slated for “publication” either via web site or anthology. Thirty years of writing is going to drop in something far more brief than thirty years of publication… here’s to the ride!

Coming Soon…

W. S. Bradford | Last Harvest | Born Again Book #1

W. S. Bradford | Sevenfold | Western Novel

W. S. Bradford | The Grey Gate, Book #1 | The Wreck of the Molon Labe

W. S. Bradford | Pesebre | Short Stories of the Old West

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