Idle Musings from a Floored Mind…

Several million words per year hit my screen. Far, far fewer will ever hit yours, to include those words I throw at this log of events and other unconventionally-published meanderings of a strange organ locked in a bone cage.

Deliberate Writer’s Block

The novel I didn't have any intention of writing -- it hit me without asking -- brought all the usual wonder and baggage of such inspirations. The wonder was an entire outline, including highly-detailed sections, crying to be put to digital paper before it was all lost to memory. The baggage is that no matter […] Read More

The Birth of the Black Stones

It was 8,100 words and a week ago that a novel flopped into my head. I had no previous thought or intention of writing it. The sneaky thing visited in the pre-dawn gray, waking with me, getting me out of bed and giving me a hop and a jump. Coffee was forgotten, and I never […] Read More

Could I Write That in My Sleep?

It is my habit to go to bed with a purpose. To sleep, being one. But before I sleep, I make a concentrated effort to focus on two principles that have -- later -- put more words on paper than I often do sitting in front of a keyboard. First, I clear my mind of […] Read More