WSB Member Benefits

Hello—Sheridan here.

Don’t know about you, but it seems like I regret joining some mailing lists. I want to make certain you never regret subscribing.

Now, if your fingers are burning off and you trust me to be a decent human being, then up above, just sign-up and that’ll get you going—you can expect to see a confirmation email including your exclusive access to the Civil War-era short story “Unification***” for your reading pleasure.

*** Um, so, yeah… about that whole “Unification” story thing—you see, I published this page and the above email form yesterday, and then… so then I got sidetracked today by a stupid poem instead of doing my job and completing the final-final-final draft and PDF/ePUB/MOBI file for “Unification” as per plan. Oh right, and I am a psycho perfectionist, so, no, I can’t just give you some steaming pile of junk and feel like I kept my word. My apologies. I will send “Unification” to you, personally, if that’s what it takes, provided you sign-up and I get around to having the story formatted and done and once… Ahem. Yeah, yeah, I know. I know. Darn artists, anyway—sheesh! 🙂

Providing “nowhere else” fiction, thoughts, and the occasional heads-up on a forthcoming book release or reading tour is exactly the type of benefit I want to keep you excited, every last time you see a note from me in your inbox.

What You Do Get from this Subscription…

  • “Unification***”—a (rather long) short story available nowhere else on the planet; yours, free, the moment you sign-up.
  • Notification about WSB writing, to include discounts, signed editions, digital downloads, unique items, book previews, promos, etc.
  • Helpful reminders when I post a blog entry, mostly covering the writing process, short works, or fun-fact trivia about WSB characters.
  • Advance and/or exclusive access to select members-only online events, video sessions, restricted materials, free downloads, etc.
  • You get my sincere appreciation. I’ve been blessed to get paid to do what I was born to do. You make that possible. Thank you.

What You Do Not Get from this Subscription…

  • Spam—period, full stop, that’s all. I hate spam. You hate spam. We hate spam. The end.
  • Your personal information will not be sold or otherwise used by anyone else, for anything else, not outlined above.
  • You won’t get photos of my baby critters, kids, or breakfast. I try not to send spurious messages. Even of puppies.
  • Ignoring force majeure, if I ever break a guideline, you can just bet it will be about baby animals. Sorry!