Viewing: Poetry and Verse

Thetis Looks Back

Why the river called to my young son / I do not know; the river is cold, and / Will not tell me. Maybe it had grown / Weary of the silver it stole / From the mountains

Christmas Lovecraft

More rapid than eagles his curses they came, / He whistled, and shouted, and damned them by name: / “Now, Nug! Here, hoary Nodens! Loom, Azathoth!

Alexandrine Freeze

I caught the trees asleep at dawn / Final brown fruits… no wind has blown / A late harvest: the hard snap came / Ice built its home. Diadem boughs / Met a new sun, leaves fell like rain…

Mare of Hepenstal

Thinking / I will bolt, / I am shown the rope / To judge / Whether I find / The braid / To my liking. / Hide and hair, / Sinew and / Fiber: / Lariats created / For barter and raiding / And war and the / Quelling of beeves…

Bully For You (Lyrics)

Oh… yes, of course / Take my turn, honey / Take my place in line / It’s fine / Take my copper money / Sip my box of lemon-lime / Make me last / Make me last.

Making Rain in 4 Tweets

The best / Marketers are all / Poets / Who know each word / Is a bullet / Point / To be used / Sparingly to make / Clear / Arguments; / To win / Tired hearts.

Of Perfume and Crude Oil

Herman Melville based the original Great White—sorry, Jaws—the whale in Moby Dick, on a real incident and sinking. What of his family? Did the whale, too, want only revenge?

Sarah Bronagh’s River Song

What follows is a reaction from a fictional teen girl. It is a song, or the lyrics to one, composed by Sarah Bronagh and Cole Miller as the Born Again fever ravages her body and mind…