Viewing: Short Stories & Short-Form Fiction by WSB

If you\’re looking for a digital anthology of short stories by W. Sheridan Bradford, you are in the right place. Any short fiction \”can\” end-up in this section of the site. Some is award-winning. Some is not. Some has been published in a traditional format, or in an online magazine or web review. Some has not. All are available, but while many are free, some are not. I hope you enjoy the short stories I\’ve made public and free to all—if you love it, please share away on social media! If you hate it… hey, you are entitled to your opinion, and I for one would like to hear yours! No, really. Let me know what and why, and while I make no promises, you could very well determine a future set of changes, new focus, character modification… who knows? Thanks to all for reading and sharing!

One-Note Wonder

“Does it talk?” “No. She, not it.” “I heard it used to play with—” “—She don’t play with anything except her food. You play. She corrects you.”

Protected: The Underpass

Copeland Banfield had bare seconds to beat the first drops, minutes to beat a downpour… perhaps half an hour to open and close the scene before it washed entirely away.

Missing Ragnarok

I remember when my mother made a hill of soft, loose dirt for me to lie upon, a place where I could grow more slowly than a grove of oaks; a place where I was safe from the eyes of gods and men.

Kid Peach Kills

He survived Chickamauga, the war, and went West, swearing to never kill any man again—now, twenty-six years later, he’ll have to break his oath, or else he’ll die at a sun-baked southwestern railstop.

Protected: Unification

Two years I fought my brother in the War—we’d of killed each other then. Could be we would now, meeting by letters sent: at the little plantation, a ruin now, burnt and sagging, and dead…