Viewing: Short Story Fiction

One-Note Wonder

“Does it talk?” “No. She, not it.” “I heard it used to play with—” “—She don’t play with anything except her food. You play. She corrects you.”

Protected: The Underpass

Copeland Banfield had bare seconds to beat the first drops, minutes to beat a downpour… perhaps half an hour to open and close the scene before it washed entirely away.

Missing Ragnarok

I remember when my mother made a hill of soft, loose dirt for me to lie upon, a place where I could grow more slowly than a grove of oaks; a place where I was safe from the eyes of gods and men.

Kid Peach Kills

He survived Chickamauga, the war, and went West, swearing to never kill any man again—now, twenty-six years later, he’ll have to break his oath, or else he’ll die at a sun-baked southwestern railstop.

Protected: Unification

Two years I fought my brother in the War—we’d of killed each other then. Could be we would now, meeting by letters sent: at the little plantation, a ruin now, burnt and sagging, and dead…