Buzzkill Blurb

Conover, Nebraska, 1986…

As summer break winds-down, Lee and Rocky Keller inherit a memento from their grandfather’s military service in the Pacific Theater.

The joy-buzzer is one of Grandpa Steve’s few wartime trophies, and, as the younger brother, Lee is zapped instantly.

He sees… something.

The disturbing visions are dismissed as two-a-days begin and middle school looms.

Parents, grandparents, Rocky’s friends, Rocky’s enemies—even Lee’s stumbling romance with Amy Masalla is buzzed before the full truth can emerge: the Boy of Smoke is only a harbinger.

Each stinging handshake tightens the unbreakable grip of merciless fate outlined in the library’s Vasillias… the earth will blacken as the Faceless One harvests marked souls.

Together, Lee and Amy race to prove that absurdity, redemption, hope, sacrifice, and laughter can hide in the darkest of corners as The Buzzkill winds to its shocking conclusion.

Join an unforgettable cast burning with hormones, plagued by the voiceless horrors of war… and united by life, loss, and love.


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W. Sheridan Bradford writes horror (All Hallows, The Buzzkill) the old west (Rimfires, Sevenfold), contemporary western fiction (Born Again), science fiction (The Wreck of the Molon Labe), and is the author of numerous short stories and poems. Usually found in: Colorado, New Mexico, or Texas.

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