Bully For You (Lyrics)

Oh… yes, of course,
Take my turn, honey,
Take my place in line,

It’s fine.

Take my copper money,
Sip my box of lemon-lime,
Make me last;
Make me last.

Off the playground,
I’ll rewind.

Later, I’ll tell
Myself you’re my
Monster maze,
And you must have
A really bad story.
Bring me into the tunnel
With your gaze,
Bring me the bully—
It’s a school day.

Take my lunch,
Punch my ticket,
Take my food,
Make me lick it,
Take my fist,
Break my grip
With reality…
Throw me down and
Bite my lips.

Take my turn;
Make me dance
In blinding pain;
Take my youth,
Take my place.
Someday I’ll scream
At the quiet rain,
And fake my card
At the door; thinking
It’s crazy
How fast I came
Of age…

I can’t die over
A purse, I can’t die
Without rehearsing
First, pursing my
#DuckLips in a cute
Pout before a needle
Stitches them shut
Invisibly, inside.

Let me go: I already cried,
I already died. I’m
Living a little
But I swear I’m dead
Inside, my soul routed
By moody swings.

Take my lunch,
Punch my ticket,
Take my food,
Make me hate it,
Duck my punch,
Squeeze my grip
On reality…
Throw me down and
Pinch my tits.

Hold me…

Down on your playground.

I’ll sell myself, and
You’ll be my monster;
Tell me about a man
Of many ways;
Bring my bully while
My vision fails and
My head drips, and
Droops and sways.

The spirit doesn’t
Break as easily as
Teeth; lies are
Built cheap and lean
Together; they lie
In a dirty tent city,
Put to the torch.

My being will always
Be me. You outed us,
Made me last,
Put me last,
Until the days made me
Outlast everything.

Remember to take it;
Steal my rage,
Punch my locker,
Take my brown paper
Bag, and you must
Always save me
For last;
Block my kicks,
Strip me to skivvies…
Throw me down;
Pin my hips.

Let me go
Last, pick
On me, pick me
Last; a pick-me-up.
I am the last;
Make me last
On our playground.

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W. Sheridan Bradford writes horror (All Hallows, The Buzzkill) the old west (Rimfires, Sevenfold), contemporary western fiction (Born Again), science fiction (The Wreck of the Molon Labe), and is the author of numerous short stories and poems. Usually found in: Colorado, New Mexico, or Texas.

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